Hi everyone and welcome to this site. I’m Lynette Newbey and I’ve been a Heavy Vehicle Driver on Australia's road network for over 20 years. During that time I have been witness to many accidents that could easily have been prevented and I’d like to prevent some more.

Now its 2016 and 13 years since this Road Safety Campaign was launched and the ‘Road Toll’ still increases daily throughout Australia, much to my absolute horror. Now with more years driving experience from all over Australia, my biggest focus currently is to try to further educate ‘car drivers’ on how to: Safely and correctly interact with Heavy and Oversize vehicles on our roads.

There are still too many 'crosses' on the sides of our roads. Tributes to drivers and passengers who have lost their lives and we ALL NEED to take RESPONSIBILITY to ensure our roads are safer.

Over recent years there have been many accidents of Truck v’s Car. Majority of the time the truck driver is incorrectly blamed for the accident. This I find very frustrating as statistically in most cases, the car driver is at fault for the following reasons:

Trucks cannot stop on a 10c piece and need much more distance to pull up safely. Common sense should indicate that even when empty, they are much heavier than cars. So when cars and smaller vehicles get in front of a loaded truck and decide to brake at the last minute, this then becomes catastrophic for everyone involved.

Further education is needed on the dangers involved in doing the above and I would like to try to increase that awareness. The three major factors I feel are: Impatience, Ignorance and lastly and most importantly; a total lack of Education on sharing the roads with Heavy and Oversize Vehicles. However I do not blame the car drivers. If we are not taught about these dangers when we are first learning to drive, then we remain oblivious until faced with the reality. Heavy Vehicle education wasn’t mentioned to me when I got my license many years ago.

This campaign is about Road Safety in all areas. Originally this started out as a ‘Headlights On 24/7’ initiative and I feel that it is imperative to always drive with your headlights on. I would still like to see it become compulsory to always drive with your headlights on regardless of the time of day. Making this a habit allows you to be seen and thus avoid potentially becoming involved in an accident. Be Seen and Be Safe. Over the last 13 years more vehicles are now factory fitted with DRL’s and Auto light switches which allow your lights to come on automatically, so my original push to get this legislation change has now shifted.

For the remaining vehicles that don't have this feature, there are simple ways (at minor cost) to have your lights on constantly. With older vehicles the cost of direct wiring your headlights to be on at all times is around $25.00. What is the value of your life or that of a loved one?

Being seen on our roads is equally important to every other factor of driving and road safety. Personally I have been driving with my ‘Headlights On 24/7’ for many years now and I know it makes a BIG difference. It’s another simple thing that we can all do to ensure we get to our destinations safely.

Please remember though:
  • ‘Park lights’ are for when you are ‘parked’.
  • ‘Fog lights’ are only to be used in ‘foggy conditions’. These lights are blindingly bright at any other time.
  • Either of these lights should NOT be used in normal driving conditions.

Since this site was launched I have received an enormous amount of positive response via email about this issue. It seems that a lot of drivers already use their lights continuously. Are you one of them? Would you like to see our roads safer for yourself and your children?

If your answer is YES, then please send me an email of your support.

All feedback - good and bad - is both needed and appreciated.

Thank you for your support and I wish you all safe driving.
Be Seen... Let's "Turn 'Em On 24/7..."

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