This is the PROPOSAL I am forwarding to anyone who will listen to me. Please take time to read it carefully and then send me your support here

My name is Lynette Newbey. I have been working within the Transport Industry for 13 years and currently drive Road trains throughout the north-west. During this time I’ve seen many accidents unfolding on our roads, as I’m sure, so have many of my fellow drivers.

Most of us at some point in our lives will be affected by - or involved in - an accident. Some people may get hurt, or worse – the accident may have a fatal outcome. I am trying to prevent any more of these unnecessary accidents occurring. Have you noticed how many ‘crosses’ are appearing on our roads lately? Too many!

Over the years I've witnessed 7 serious accidents, 3 of which were fatalities. This is not nice and so bloody unnecessary in a lot of cases. It is because of this that I would like to see our laws changed to make driving with your lights on compulsory. Whether they are DRL's (Daytime Running Lights) or headlights. I've been driving with headlights on 24/7 for years - and YES - IT DOES MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

My proposal is to see the Australian Design Standards changed to make DRL's compulsory on both domestically-manufactured and imported vehicles. Also to have older vehicles retrofitted to run with their headlights on 24/7 (preferably direct wired with headlight warning alarms so as to avoid flat batteries).

In Australia, our design standard laws have changed over the years to accommodate the introduction of compulsory seat-belts and air-bags. I view DRL's as being another equally important Road Safety issue. The Eastern States are looking to make DRL's compulsory, but we need to make this a countrywide initiative and passed into law as soon as possible.

Please bear with me and consider the following reasons for doing so:
• On open country roads, even on a sunny day, approaching cars blend in with the road, due to trees overshadowing.
• Dark cars appear even darker and also blend in the distance.
• Light cars appear dark in the distance.


• People don't think and then take chances: If a flash of headlight was seen at a distance, be it 1,2 or 10 Km's away, then these chances might not be taken!
• On occasion, people do not come to a complete stop at stop signs. They approach a stop or give way sign only quickly glancing to the right as they do so, then if it's clear they keep going. If we only ‘glance’ at something for a split second, our vision ‘will not see’ a moving object. It is only once your head has actually ‘stopped moving’ for as little as just 1 second, that you will focus. (This may sound ridiculous, but it’s true. Think about it, try it and you’ll see what I mean.)
• Intersection accidents: Glancing or not, you will see headlights approaching.
• On open roads, people pass when they haven’t got clear visibility over the hill or around the next corner. This practice results in misjudgment, with varying degrees of seriousness.
• Winter always brings more danger to our roads.
• Driving in rainy, foggy or misty conditions...How many times have you witnessed other people driving without their lights on? Personally I lost count years ago and I ask you, “How potentially dangerous and stupid is this?”
• To add insult, they then overtake in these conditions. With very minimal visibility!


• Honestly! WHAT IS WRONG WITH THESE PEOPLE?? They have no thought for consequences.

In the past people have asked me, “Why do you have your lights on in the daytime Lyn, can’t you see where you’re going?”! Well, it’s not about me seeing so much, it’s about other people seeing me.


I realise there are other causes of accidents and fatalities on our roads… however just on these points above, wouldn’t having our ‘Headlights On - 24/7’ help prevent some of these tragedies occurring in the first place?

Now…if you agree with me: I NEED YOUR SUPPORT to get this law changed. There are petitions currently circulating, although if you feel you could obtain a few more signatures, please contact me anytime on: 0405 602 013 and I’ll send some out to you.* The more signatures we acquire, the better. All petitions will then be forwarded to the appropriate Government channels.

As time goes on, more and more people in Cars, Trucks and Coaches are starting to use their headlights24/7 on metro and country roads, but it’s still not enough. This needs to be practiced by everyone across the board to make it safer for all road users.

Most of us have seen the “Headlights Save Lives” signs out on country roads. Now as you travel 10 km south of Geraldton, there has been a sign erected by ‘Roadsafe’ which reads: “Headlights Save Lives. Use Low Beam During the Daytime”

Your Views
This comment was sent to me by another truck driver:-

"A few years ago we did an experiment driving back from the Goldcoast out on the Nullabor"

"Using our CB radios, we measured the distance how far back on the road one of us could see the other - with and without headlights on - during daylight hours"

"Even at 5Km we could see the other car easily, but without headlights that distance dropped to only a few hundred metres"
This clearly says to me:
• The Government acknowledges that: Yes. There is a problem on our roads.
• Furthermore they acknowledge, that by doing this simple little thing, it may prevent another road death.

In my eyes, they are already half way there. So why not take the next preventative step and make DRL's/headlight usage compulsory?

To combat the problem of leaving your lights on and flattening your battery - which most of us have done! - Headlight Warning Alarms can be purchased and installed for as little as $25-00.

I have one question for the government and every individual road user out there...

“Is your life - or that of someone you love - worth $25-00… and the habit of turning on a switch?”

I’d like to thank you all for taking the time to read this document. Ultimately, it may end up saving your life…


“Let’s Turn ‘Em On – 24/7” May you all have a safe journey.

Yours in safe driving,
0405 602 013
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